Water filter NATURA PLUS®

Natura Plus radiates lifestyle, health and well-being through its natural materials: glass, bamboo, stainless steel.

As beautiful as the outer values are, as good are the inner ones:
The PiVitalis technology developed by Lotus Vita makes your water tasty and digestible.
With PiVitalis you get spring fresh, clear, pure and extremely tasty water.



glass filter jug with bamboo lid-NATURA PLUS®

Bestes Trinkwasser dank der Lotus Vita PiVitalis® Filtertechnologie

Lifestyle, Charme und Wohlgefühl strahlt die Glas-Filterkanne NATURA PLUS® durch die Naturmaterialien Bambus und Edelstahl aus. Mit liebevollem Design, schneller Filterzeit und einem feinen Ergebnis überzeugt dieser Wasserfilter auf ganzer Linie!

Sammelbild der NATURA PLUS Filterkartusche mit Kalkpad seitlich zum passenden Edelsteinfach
NATURA PLUS Kork-Untersetzer mit Blume des Lebens Gravur von LOTUS VITA obersicht
€129,00inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Natura Plus UF-Membran 0,2 µm

High Tech Filter, also filters microplastics

High Tech meets lifestyle - The Natura Plus UF membrane is a high performance filter.

The Natura Plus UF membrane is connected to the bottom of the Natura Plus filter cartridge.
The crystal stone compartment for the filter carafes cannot be used together with the UF membrane because the UF membrane uses the same connection.

The filter result is significantly better

€29,80inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Lotus Natura Plus 4 liters

Glass Bamboo Stainless Steel - Beautiful for your Eye - Good for the Environment

Lotus Natura Plus® 4 liters

Glass, bamboo, stainless steel: The Natura Plus® water filter radiates lifestyle, health and well-being through natural materials.

As beautiful as the outer features are, the inner ones are even better:
3 layer activated coconut carbon and 2 layer of resin helps to reduce lime and filter toxic pollutan of any kind

The multi layer filters with powerful components helps to purify and smoothened your tap water efficently.

€298,00inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Twelve Month Supply Natura Plus / Filterkaraffen incl. limescale filterads

6 filtering cartridges + 12 Lime-filtering pads

A year's supply for Lotus Vita Natura Plus / Filtercaraffe LIME+ Edition Model 2020!

Guaranteed savings! You further save on transportation costs and unburden the environment!


6 x filtering cartridges transparent for Lotus Vita Natura Plus and all Lotus filter jugs
1 x box with 12 lime-filtering pads

Lotus Vita Natrua Plus Cartridge (6x included)

    increased lime function with additional activated carbon in the upper chamber

€156,90inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.
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