Lotus FONTANA Mini Drinking Water Filter Floor Stand 5L

for 1-3 persons
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Brief description : 

Lotus FONTANA Mini Drinking Water Filter Floor Stand 5L

Recommended for 1-3 people household, 4 to 12 liters daily.

All filters of the Fontana series fit into the new Fontana Mini.


Pure drinking water on demand at all times!

Thanks to the clever Lotus FONTANA water systems, this stand-alone unit represents a permanent source of the best water. The large storage tank with a volume of 5 litres safely stores filtered water.

The Lotus FONTANA Mini is our model with the smallest storage tank and is therefore well suited for households and small offices or companies. For example, supply waiting customers with purified water or enable your colleagues to enjoy clean drinking water.

Without a necessary water connection, you can simply place these water systems where it is pleasant and fill the water to be filtered into the top of the 2L holding tank. You can filter up to 12 litres of tap water per day with the dynamically designed Lotus FONTANA Mini.

Water filters of this type offer you protection from contamination in drinking water - prepare your coffee or tea with filtered water, for example, and benefit not only from clean water, but also from a pure and soft taste!

Like most water filters, the core of the Lotus FONTANA Mini is equipped with an activated carbon filter cartridge. An ingenious 3-stage filter system provides drinking water that is almost free of lime, metals, drug residues and pesticides.

Stage 1
When the Lotus FONTANA floor standing unit is poured in, there is a ceramic pre-filter which removes residues from the water pipe. In addition, the ceramic filter protects the downstream filter cartridge and optimizes its performance.

Stage 2
The large filter cartridge in the heart of the Lotus FONTANA Mini drinking water system is divided into five chambers. One of the chambers contains activated carbon, which filters metals, pollutants and lime, and the following four chambers contain zeolite, alkaline bioceramics, tourmaline bioceramics and quartz sand. Lotus Vita's PiVitalis technology makes your water tasty and digestible.

Stage 3
You can optionally add energy stones to the lower container for taste refinement.

All plastics are TÜV SÜD tested and food safe. The units are guaranteed for 2 years, not the spin-on filters.

You can also buy the Lotus FONTANA Mini with a glass storage tank on request. This can be engraved according to your wishes!

Our tip: Combine the Lotus FONTANA Mini with the Cadus FAMILY jug!

The Lotus FONTANA Mini water system efficiently removes lime, pollutants and metals from your tap water:

Chlorine 99.9%, metals e.g. lead 99.9%, copper 93 to 99.9%, uranium 99.9%, pesticides e.g. lindane 99.9%, atrazine 99.9%, bentazone 99.9%, trihalogens 99.23%.

Further information and technical data:

width: approx. 23,8 cm
height: ca. 46,5 cm

Receiving tank top: 2L
Storage tank bottom: 5L

Device empty with filters approx. 2.8 kg
optional glass vessel 5 litres approx. 2-3 kg

Scope of delivery:
1x Lotus FONTANA Mini with plastic container
1x ceramic filter
1x Lotus FONTANA Premium Filter Cartridge
1x mineral stones
2x Lime filter pad

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