Bottle 1 L

Tritan plastic, food-safe
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Brief description : 

Volume: 1 Liter

Tritan plastic, food-safe
Especially tasteless

Easy to clean

Especially sealed, does not leak



Bottle made of food-safe Tritan 1 Liter

- Comfortable to hold onto, small and very light – ideal for sports!

- Easy to clean thanks to 4 cm wide opening

- dishwasher-safe!

- sturdy and relatively unbreakable

- food-safe plastic Tritan (similar to polycarbonate)!

- free from Bisphenol A

- Practical and high-quality, break-resistant Tritan.

The high-quality material Tritan is free from Bisphenol A and is tasteless, odorless and FDA approved

Note: Only for non-carbonated drinking water!

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