UF membrane OUTDOOR - replacement filter for filter bottle

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UF Membram für Tritan Outdoor Filterflaschen

Brief description : 

with UF membrane 0.2 µm + activated carbon membrane

High End Filter - made in Japan -    Activated carbon membrane against pollutants,
    UF membrane 0.2µm against all suspended solids, microplastics and bacteria

Replacement filters for the Lotus Vita OUTDOOR filter bottles


with UF membrane 0.2µm + activated carbon membrane
Replacement filter for the Lotus Vita OUTDOOR filter bottle

Both the activated carbon membrane and the UF membrane are high-end products made in Japan.
In fact, this UF membrane is currently considered the best in the world in terms of technology!

The activated carbon membrane is designed for approx. 80 litres of water,

the UF membrane filters very small particles and can even retain bacteria like a ceramic filter.
The service life of the UF membrane depends strongly on the filtered water, which can only be cleaned to a limited extent.

Take good care of this filter. If you use quite clear water, several hundred litres of water can be filtered without any problems.

If you take the filter out of service, it helps to clean it intensively with citric acid before drying. Minerals from the water will then not settle into the very fine pores during drying and close them.

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