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For a limited period of time we offer you the high-quality Lotus water filters in combination with noble glass decanters or replacement filter packages at reasonable prices.

Here you can save money!

Only as long as stocks last.



Lotus Natura Plus 4 liters

Glass Bamboo Stainless Steel - Beautiful for your Eye - Good for the Environment

Lotus Natura Plus® 4 liters

Glass, bamboo, stainless steel: The Natura Plus® water filter radiates lifestyle, health and well-being through natural materials.

As beautiful as the outer features are, the inner ones are even better:
3 layer activated coconut carbon and 2 layer of resin helps to reduce lime and filter toxic pollutan of any kind

The multi layer filters with powerful components helps to purify and smoothened your tap water efficently.

€298,00inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Carafe CADUS + Lotus Esprit filter carafe

€123,50inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

As connoisseurs know, our water filters significantly enhance the taste and digestibility of tap water.

Together with the CADUS carafe, you get a particularly tasty water.

The Cadus carafe contains a gemstone compartment, the gemstones are included in the offer and can be easily exchanged for other gemstones through the wooden lid compartment at the bottom, if desired.

We are so surprised by the taste-enhancing properties that we would like to offer you this set at a special price.

Also as a gift very suitable!

Price: €103,78
Karaffe CADUS 1L mit Edelsteinen
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