Housing Lotus Filter Carafe

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Brief description : 

Housing Lotus Filter Carafe High-performance drinking water filter
designed for 1-8 litres/day

Available in the colours:
White, Blue, Red, Turquoise

Filtering time:
Filter time 2-4min/L

Filter change/Filter cartridge:
every 2 months / 500 litres max. (with 8 litres daily)
up to max. 3 months / 500 litres (with 4 litres daily)

Filters are not included in the offer.

Height: 28 cm
width: 27 cm
depth: 11,5 cm

(with filter installed)
Filling container: 1.2 litres
Filter water approx. 1.6 litres

8-14 Euro/month

700g packaging and filter

Scope of delivery:
Lotus filter carafe only housing without filter

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