One year package Natura Plus EDITION CALC+

6 filter cartridges Natura Plus + 12 anti-scale pads
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Paquet pour un an Lotus Natura EDITION ANTICALC

Brief description : 

Paquet annuel Natura Plus avec avec 12 pads anticalcaires

6 x cartouche filtrante nouveau modèle 2020
12 x filtres à chaux

Ce paquet s'adapte aux modèles suivants :

    Carafe filtrante Lotus
    Carafe filtrante Lotus LOTUS
    Carafe filtrante Lotus ONE
    Carafe filtrante Lotus ESPRIT


Order the Lotus Vita replacement filter pack and produce pure drinking water yourself for a year! If the carafe filter is used daily, the filter cartridge should be replaced every two to three months.

The combination with the efficient lime filters is particularly interesting for households with very hard tap water.

That's why this convenient annual package contains just the right number of replacement and replacement filters to provide you and your family with soothing drinking water for a year. Not only do you save on shipping costs and protect the environment, but you can also relax and only worry about replacing the filters in your Lotus Vita water filter jugs once a year:
Scope of supply:

6 x transparent filter cartridges
12 x lime filters
There is currently no cover with the Lotus logo for attaching the lime plug

Please also ask about our 6-month filter replacement packages.

Additional information and technical data:

height: 28 cm
width: 26 cm
depth: 10 cm

Lime filter:
Effectively reduces limescale in drinking water and acts as a pre-filter

3-stage filter cartridge:

    Stage 1: Reduction of lime and pollutants with activated carbon and an ion exchanger
    Stage 2: Reduction of pollutants with high-performance activated carbon
    Stage 3: Taste improvement with bioceramics, EM ceramics, magnet

Service life of the filter cartridge :
2 months or max. 500 litres

Maximum use of lime buffer :
approx. 2-4 weeks (depending on lime content)

This package fits the following models

    Lotus Natura Plus 4 litres
    Lotus FAMILY filter jug
    Carafe filter Lotus LOTUS
    Carafe filter Lotus ONE
    Carafe filter Lotus ESPRIT

as well as identical models from other suppliers.

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