Mineral Stones

for Lotus Fontana series
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mineral stones

Brief description : 

Mineral stones made of natural stone

Raise the pH value of your water

Suitable for use with premium filter cartridges

Capacity ca. 6 months.


The mineral stones are used together with the premium cartridges and have a long usage time.


The full pack may cause a mineral taste, reduce the amount if that is the case.
If you use the mineral stones for the first time, already a small amount can produce the desired result.
Over time, the mineralization diminishes. Add gradually, over the course of ca. 2-3 months, the rest of the pack into the glass vessel.

This way you get the best taste and an even mineralization!

Like in nature, the mineral stones enrich the water with vital minerals and influence it on a alkaline level.

They give the water a natural spice and round off the flavor.

The carrier material of the mineral stones can also store pollutants and provides a final cleaning before you take the water out of the glass vessel.

Elements   Percentage (%)
   SiO2           70.44
  Al2O3          14.47
 Fe2O3           2.01
   FeO             0.75
   MgO             0.83
   CaO             2.19
  Na2O            4.59
   K2O             2.69
  TiO2              0.47
 (P2O)-            0.09
  MnO              0.09
 (H2O)+          1.37
 (H2O)            0.41
 Ge++           traces
  pH                 7.3


 Please use the mineral stones only with the premium cartridge.
The Advanced filter cartridges of the Lotus Fontana and the Lotus One raise the pH value with a different technology. The effects partially cancel each other out.
To avoid reactions of the Advanced technology with the mineral stones, the advanced technology should not be used together with the mineral stones.

Capacity ca. 6 months
Warranty 1 month

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