Lotus Fontana Premium Filter Cartridge

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Brief description : 

Premium Cartridge Model 2015

Multi-layer filter Water filter for Lotus Fontana / Fontana Advanced

weight approx. 700gr

Usage time approx. 4 months

Better suited for extremely limy water than the Advanced cartridge


Premium filter cartridge for Lotus Fontana

Due to the new ingredients since 2015, the quality of the Premium Filter Cartridge has been significantly increased!

1. activated carbon with lime removal
2. zeolite
3. alkaline organic ceramics
4th Tourmaline Organic Ceramics
5. quartz sand with EM ceramic
6. magnets

The premium filter is a multilayer filter that cleans and makes the water tasty and is the heart of the water system.

Activated carbon (activated carbon) is a charge catcher that recognizes harmful substances by their intensive charge and reliably filters them out of the water.
Activated carbon has an optimized surface that is up to 600 times as natural as its natural counterpart.
Cleaning is so sustainable that most of the substances tested are no longer detectable after filtration. Due to the extremely high filter performance, activated carbon is very often used for water filtration.

Zeolite acts as a catalyst and molecular sieve. 1 gram of zeolite can have up to 1000m2 inner surface and is therefore extremely efficient in absorbing substances.
It filters and binds free radicals and contributes significantly to the good taste of lotus water.

The alkaline bioceramic slowly releases calcium ions. In Japan, the effect of calcium ions in water is said to be longevity.

Tourmaline bioceramics are said to have a "catalyst function" and thus strengthen the properties of the filter cartridge.

The quartz sand has the function of a stream in nature. An important component, which serves to enhance the taste of your water.

The integrated magnet technology, similar to a tape recorder, should imprint the latest experiences on the water.

The EM ceramic (EM = Effective Microorganisms) is integrated into the filter cartridge and is supposed to bring the water into contact with natural oscillations.

The cartridges are compatible with Lotus Fontana ADVANCED and identical suppliers of these housings.

Filter capacity: 4 months 6 months max.
 -limited warranty-

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