Annual Replacement for Lotus Fontana Advanced Gravity Filter Systems

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Brief description : 

4x Advanced cartridges
1x ceramic filter
optional limescale filter pads for additional limescale reduction
The lime filter pads are placed directly on the filter cartridge and can therefore be easily replaced.

Time of use of the filters:
Advanced cartridge 3 months
Ceramic filter approx. 12 months (depending on water quality)
Lime filter filling approx. 2-8 weeks

Operating costs:
14-17 Euro with Lotus Fontana water filter and Fontana Mini water filter at 4-16 litres/day.


Lotus Fontana Annual Package Replacement Filter
Noble drinking water at a reasonable price

With option of powerful lime filter pads.

The lime filter pads are placed directly on the filter cartridge and can therefore be replaced easily.

You save cash compared to the individual prices, and in addition you relieve the environment with fewer transports!

Contents: 4 Lotus Advanced cartridges of the new generation with magnesium, calcium, tourmaline, mineral ceramics, magnet, EM and silicate sand. A real highlight!

The new, particularly efficient lime filter pads reliably remove lime, nitrate and heavy metal and also improve the taste of the drinking water! NEW now available for you!

Select the refill sets according to the lime content.
soft corresponds up to 8.4 °dH no lime filter necessary
medium between 8.4 and 14 °dH 6 weeks change interval
hard more than 14 °dH 4 weeks change interval
very hard from 21 °dH 2 weeks change interval

The new ceramic filter reliably filters microplastics
- smallest particles down to 0.2 µm and bacteria of all kinds
- a larger diameter with a lower overall height
- same time of use as the previous model
- is very durable and can be cleaned over and over again

The cartridges are compatible with Lotus Fontana series and other manufacturers of similar housings.

Due to current questions about the new model:
Lotus Vita continues to develop products.
The ceramic filter was newly developed as part of the product launch of the Fontana Mini and introduced together with this in 2017.
Of course, the impression can be created that Lotus Vita wants to save money and is therefore launching a smaller model on the market.
In fact, Lotus Vita had high development costs and the new ceramic filter costs about 20% more to produce than the previous larger model.

 - These products have a limited warranty -

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