Water energy set for glass carafes

Rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst for glass carafes
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Brief description : 

Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz and Amethyst

100% free of chemicals
Especially high quality.
Enhances the taste of drinking water

Variable content:  
Stones with 1-4 cm size, untreated


Water stones for glass carafes

Guaranteed to be processed by a German company without chemical additives!
These stones unfold their beauty and their energetic effects only when they are placed in water.

Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz and Amethyst
Simply place it on the bottom of your glass carafe and fill it with filtered water.
This looks great and we have noticed a further improvement in taste.

Clean as needed with clear water and a clean brush.

Attention! Please do not use tumbled water stones with a bare surface!

These are normally finished with chemical processes. This looks good, but is very negative in drinking water. Chemical agents can get into the water in this way!

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