Crystal stones for filter jug

Innovation from Lotus Vita
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Brief description : 


Exclusive gemstones in compartment for direct attachment to the filter cartridge

with crystal stones: Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz and Amethyst


Crystal stones in compartment to connect to the Natura Plus filter cartridge

With a "click" nobler!

Gemstones Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal, Amethyst in compartment for all Lotus Vita filter jugs.

The gemstone compartment is attached to the filter cartridge with a click and can be used again and again with a new filter.
They unfold their energetic effect and beauty in the water. The special "something" for your filter carafe.
The crystal stones are selected with the greatest care and are guaranteed to be processed without chemical additives.

Important note:
If you want to replace the crystal stones, please do not use tumbled gemstones with polished surfaces! These are often sealed with oil or wax by chemical processes. Looks nice, but is very dangerous in drinking water, as chemical agents could get into the water.

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