Replacement filters for jug waterfilters

Here you will find replacement filters and filter packs for Lotus Vita filter decanters:

Our tip: Save the most with the annual packages!



One year package Natura Plus EDITION CALC+

6 filter cartridges Natura Plus + 12 anti-scale pads

Order the Lotus Vita replacement filter pack and produce pure drinking water yourself for a year! If the carafe filter is used daily, the filter cartridge should be replaced every two to three months.

The combination with the efficient lime filters is particularly interesting for households with very hard tap water.

€169,00inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Water energy set for glass carafes

Rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst for glass carafes

Water stones for glass carafes

Guaranteed to be processed by a German company without chemical additives!
These stones unfold their beauty and their energetic effects only when they are placed in water.

Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz and Amethyst
Simply place it on the bottom of your glass carafe and fill it with filtered water.
This looks great and we have noticed a further improvement in taste.

Clean as needed with clear water and a clean brush.

€5,95inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Crystal stones for filter jug

Innovation from Lotus Vita

Crystal stones in compartment to connect to the Natura Plus filter cartridge

With a "click" nobler!

Gemstones Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal, Amethyst in compartment for all Lotus Vita filter jugs.

The gemstone compartment is attached to the filter cartridge with a click and can be used again and again with a new filter.
They unfold their energetic effect and beauty in the water. The special "something" for your filter carafe.
The crystal stones are selected with the greatest care and are guaranteed to be processed without chemical additives.

€19,80inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Natura Plus® 6 months supply incl. limescale filterpad

3 filter cartridges + 4 limescale filter pads

6 months supply for the Lotus filter jug
Guaranteed cheap. You save additional transport costs and relieve the environment!

3 x filtercartridge Lotus Natura Plus®
4 x Limefilterpads Lotus Natura Plus®

The Lotus Natura Plus filter cartridge is based on the large Lotus Fontana Advanced and contains almost all components of the big sister: 3 separate layers perform the filtration and "conversion" of the drinking water.

First Chamber:

- Ion exchanger removes lime and heavy metal
- Activated carbon removes harmful substances

2nd chamber:

€84,90inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Twelve Month Supply Natura Plus / Filterkaraffen incl. limescale filterads

6 filtering cartridges + 12 Lime-filtering pads

A year's supply for Lotus Vita Natura Plus / Filtercaraffe LIME+ Edition Model 2020!

Guaranteed savings! You further save on transportation costs and unburden the environment!


6 x filtering cartridges transparent for Lotus Vita Natura Plus and all Lotus filter jugs
1 x box with 12 lime-filtering pads

Lotus Vita Natrua Plus Cartridge (6x included)

    increased lime function with additional activated carbon in the upper chamber

€156,90inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

3 Lotus ONE / ESPRIT filter cartridge

3x Lotus ONE / ESPRIT filtering cartridge

The Lotus ONE cartridge has now been updated and is available for the same price!

The Lotus ONE filtering cartridges are based on the great Lotus Fontana Advanced system and include almost all components of its big sister: 3 separate layers offer filtering and “transformation” of tap water:

First Layer:

- Ion exchanger removes lime, nitrate and heavy metals
- Activated carbon removes harmful substances

Second Layer:

- High-quality activated carbon with an iodine retention of 1200!

€74,97inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Lotus ONE / ESPRIT Filter Cartridge

The Lotus ONE cartridge
is based on the great Lotus Fontana Advanced system and include almost all components of its big sister: 3 separate layers offer filtering and transformation of tap water into "living water":


First Layer:

- Ion exchanger removes lime, harmful substances, drugs & hormons

- Activated carbon removes heavy metals and harmful substances 

€26,50inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Pre-Filter Micro Sponge for Lotus Vita filter jugs and Natura Plus water filter

The Lotus ONE pre-filter is a special micro sponge with a pore size of only 1 µm (one-millionth of a metre), smaller than any bacteria in water.

Only pure water can pass the tiny pores and so the Lotus ONE filtering cartridge remains clean and retains its full performance throughout its use.

Can be cleaned out, re-used and stored in a dry place after an estimated utilisation period of up to 6 months.

We recommend using the pre-filter, or optionally the limestone filtering pads, for the general use of the Lotus ONE / ESPRIT.

Mikroschwamm Vorfilter für NATURA PLUS Filterkartusche
€12,50inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.


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