Lotus Natura Plus 4 liters

Glass Bamboo Stainless Steel - Beautiful for your Eye - Good for the Environment
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Wasserfilter NATURA PLUS Glas-Wasserspender mit Filter und Bambus-Verkleidung
Wasserfilter NATURA PLUS Glas-Wasserspender mit Filter und Bambus-Verkleidung
Wasserfilter NATURA PLUS Glas-Wasserspender mit Filter ohne Bambus-Lichtschutz
Wasserfilter NATURA PLUS Glas-Wasserspender mit Filter ohne Bambus-Lichtschutz
glass filling jug 2.5 litres
Wasserfilter NATURA PLUS Glas-Wasserspender mit Filter und Bambus-Verkleidung
Wasserfilter NATURA PLUS Glas-Wasserspender mit Filter ohne Bambus-Lichtschutz

Brief description : 

Lotus Natura Plus® 4 Liter

Beautiful natural design with the best available filter technology offers safety and outstanding taste.
The Natura Plus® water filter is designed for 4-16 liters / day.
Excellent filtration rate powered by 3 layers of high value activated carbon + 2x ion exchange resin.

  • best pollutant reduction in its class
  • including PiVitalis® technology
  • filtration of 1 liter in 5 minutes
  • ideal for 1-8 people.
  • Space-saving, only 44 cm high
  • without line connection, without electricity
  • cost-effective in operation - 0.43 euros / day or 13 euros / month


  • Precious cristal stones - Rose quartz, rock crystal and amethyst for insertion in the filter water
  • Glass filling vessel 2.5 liter


Lotus Natura Plus® 4 liters

Glass, bamboo, stainless steel: The Natura Plus® water filter radiates lifestyle, health and well-being through natural materials.

As beautiful as the outer features are, the inner ones are even better:
3 layer activated coconut carbon and 2 layer of resin helps to reduce lime and filter toxic pollutan of any kind

The multi layer filters with powerful components helps to purify and smoothened your tap water efficently.

The PiVitalis® technology has been developed by Lotus Vita and helps to change the normal Water into fresh, clean and extreme tasty water, you will enjoy.

Best taste - Best filtration - Beautiful to look at

  • large filling tank of 2.9 liters
  • 4 liter filtered water reservoir in glass vessel
  • Fast filtration approx. 5 min/ liter for all household tasks.
  • suitable for 1 - 8 persons
  • all plastics are BPA free, TÜV SÜD tested and food safe!
  • outstanding filters offer you safety from contamination in drinking water.

Our tip:
Use the offer with the precious water stones to upgrade your Lotus Natura Plus®!

The Lotus Vita filter shows 4 layers with 11 high end components.

The cartridge is based on the large Lotus Fontana Advanced water filter system and contains the components of its big sister:

The Natura Plus® cartridge shows 3 layer design plus 1 layer limefilterpad purifies and "converting" tab water into healthy, smooth tasting drinking water:

  • Chlorine 99.9%
  • Metals e.g.
  • Lead 99,9%
  • Copper 93 to 99.9% Copper
  • Uranium 99.9%
  • Pesticides e.g. lindane 99.9 %
  • Atrazine 99.9 %
  • Bentazone 99.9
  • Trihalogens 99.23%

Step 1

The limefilterpad with high-performance activated carbon plus hydrogene based ion exchange resin removes lime, sediments, heavy metals, protects the following filter cartridge.
If the limefilterpad is replaced monthly it helps to keep a high level filtration rate all over the cartridge life.

Step 2

Natura Plus filter cartridge shows excellent filtration rate powered high end japanes activated carbon plus hydrogene based kalium ion exchange resin.

Step 3

japanes activated carbon with highes filtration rate, by this third highly activated carbon layer all pollutants are filtered as best as possible.

Step 4

  • PiVitalis® for best taste!
    Highly developed components comes as ceramic and contains magnesium, calcium, tourmaline and other special minerals, quartz sand, magnet and original EM ceramics (EM=effective microorganisms according to Prof Higa).

You protect your back, you protect your wallet, you protect the environment.

8 liters of tasty drinking water daily for 0,43 Euro!
With low running costs of 13 Euro per month you get smooth and healthy water every day and do not need to buy bottled water anymore. Tea, coffee, all dishes taste better, cut flowers last longer, your pets will love the lotus water instead of "normal tap water".

With the Lotus Natura Plus® 4 liter water filter you will contribute to save the environment considerably:
According to a study on the ecological balance of the ESU Services Institute, the purchase of 1 liter of bottled water pollutes the environment 90 to 1000 times as much as 1 liter of tap water!

Technical data and further information

filtering time:

  • Filter time 5 min/L

filter capacity:

  • filter cartridge every 2 months / 500 liters max. (with 8 liters daily)
  • fime filter pad 2 weeks to 2 months depending on water quality and usage


  • Height: 44 cm
  • width: 27 cm

casing volume:(with filter installed)

  • Filling container: 2.9 liters
  • Filter water starage 4 liters

Operating costs:

  • approx. 0,43 Euro/day or 13 Euro / month


  • 5 kg (incl. packaging)

Scope of delivery:

  • base, lid, light protection made of bamboo
  • glass jar with 9 liters (4 liter water storage space)
  • Filling tank 2.9 liters
  • Natura Plus® filter cartridge incl. PiVitalis® Technologie
  • lime filter pad
  • Stainless steel faucet


  • precious cristal water stones - Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal and Amethyst for insertion into the filter water
  • glass filling jug 2.5 liters
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