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Lotus Filter Jug Red
Lotus Filter Jug Tuerkis
Lotus Filter Jug White Bracket Grey
Lotus Filter Jug Blue
Lotus Filter Jug White Bracket Blue
Lotus Filterkaraffe
Lotus Filterkaraffe

Brief description : 

Lotus Filter Jug High-performance drinking water filter
designed for 1-8 litres/day

Available in the colours:
White, Blue, Red, Turquoise

Option crystal stones:
Rose Quartz Rock Crystal Methyst in Housing
for fixing directly to the filter cartridge

Filtering time:
Filter time 2-4min/L

Filter cartridge change:
Every 2 months / 500 litres max. (with 8 litres daily)
Up to max. 3 months / 500 litres (with 4 litres daily)

Lime filter pad:
2 weeks to 3 months depending on water and usage

Height: 28 cm
width: 27 cm
depth: 11,5 cm

(with filter installed)
Filling container: 1.2 litres
Filter water approx. 1.6 litres

8-14 Euro/month

1100g Packaging and filter

Scope of delivery:
Lotus filter decanter with filter cartridge and lime filter pad

Optionally available:
Micro sponge 1µm
(cannot be used together with the lime filter pad)


Lotus Filter Jug: A high-performance drinking water filter

With the large filling tank of 1.2 litres you fill water less often.

The 1.6 litre storage tank also offers you convenience and availability for all your household tasks: up to 8 people can be supplied with 0.2 litres of water at the same table!

Young, dynamic shape, lively, in 4 modern colours.

Best Taste - Best Filtering - Best Price

This filter carafe fits in the fridge door.

The Lotus filter jug with Micro Filter System for 1-3 persons households combines western technology and eastern knowledge.

Available in colors:
White, Blue, Red, Turquoise

ALL plastics are TÜV SÜD tested and food safe!

The outstanding filters offer you safety from contamination in drinking water.
The PiVitalis technology developed by Lotus Vita makes your water tasty and digestible.
With PiVitalis you get fresh, clear, pure and extremely tasty water.

Our tip: Lotus filter jug and Cadus glass decanter for the best drinking water!

The Lotus Vita filter cartridge for filter jugs is based on the large Lotus Fontana Advanced water filter system and contains almost all components of the big sister: 3 separate layers perform the filtration and "conversion" of drinking water:

Chlorine 99,9%
Metals e.g.
Copper 93 bis 99,9%
Silver, Uranium 99,9%
Pesticides e.g. Lindan 99,9 %
Atrazin 99,9 %
Bentazon 99,9 %
Trihalogene 99,23%


Stage 1
Prefilter Lime filter pad with high-performance activated carbon (iodine 1100):
removes lime, sediments, heavy metals, protects the following filter cartridge and optimises performance.

Stage 2-4
Filter cartridge (for filter decanters) Guarantees the best filter performance of almost all known possible contamination of drinking water through high-performance activated carbon with an iodine retention capacity of 1100 (iodine 1100) and ion exchanger:

1st chamber:
- Ion exchanger removes lime, nitrate and heavy metals
- High-performance activated carbon (iodine 1100) removes pollutants

Second chamber:
-High-performance activated carbon (iodine 1100)

Third chamber:
- PiVitalis for best taste!
- Highly developed ingredients from magnesium, calcium, tourmaline
and other special ceramics with high mineral content, quartz sand, magnet and EM ceramics (EM=effective microorganisms according to Prof Higa).

With our products protect your back, you protect your wallet, you protect the environment!

The price for the services is so low because Lotus Vita wants everyone to be able to drink this precious water and money should not be a hurdle.

With low running costs from 8 Euro per month you get good and healthy water every day and do not need to buy bottled water.

With the Lotus filter jug you relieve the environment considerably:
According to a study on the ecological balance of the ESU Services Institute, the purchase of 1 litre of bottled water burdens the environment 90 to 1000 times as much as 1 litre of tap water!

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Lotus Filter Carafe Installation (only german)
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