FAMILY Filter Jug

High-performance filters
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Brief description : 

Lotus Family Filter Jug High-performance drinking water filter

designed for 1-8 litres/day
1-3 persons household

Available in the colours:
White, Blue, Red, Turquoise
Option crystal stones:

Rose Quartz Rock Crystal Methyst in Housing
for fixing directly to the filter cartridge

Filtering time
2-4 min per litre

Lime filter pad (recommended by Lotus Vita)
or micro sponge 1 µm

Scope of delivery:
Family Filter Jug with Filter Cartridge and Lime Filter Pad
Optional crystal stones


The Lotus FAMILY filter Jug is the ideal water filter for the 1-3 person household.

The large capacity ensures flexibility in everyday life and provides the whole family with tasty, pure drinking water.

You can filter up to 8 litres of tap water per day with the dynamically designed jug.
Water filters of this type offer you protection from contamination in drinking water - prepare your coffee or tea with filtered water, for example, and benefit not only from clean water, but also enjoy the pure and soft taste!

Like most home water filters, the Lotus FAMILY filter carafe is equipped with an activated carbon filter. An ingenious 4-stage filter system ensures soft drinking water that is almost free of lime, metals, drug residues and pesticides.

Stage 1
In the filling tank of the Lotus FAMILY filter jug there is a lime filter pad as a pre-filter, in which high-performance activated carbon with an iodine retention capacity of 1100 (iodine 1100) and ion exchangers are located. Like the top layer of the filter cartridge, this activated carbon prefilter removes lime, (heavy) metals, drug residues and pesticides. In addition, the lime filter pad protects the following filter cartridge and optimizes its performance.

Level 2-4
The Natura Plus filter cartridge is the heart of the Lotus FAMILY home filter jug. The filter cartridge is divided into three chambers. The first chamber contains high-performance activated carbon (iodine 1100) and ion exchangers for the reduction of lime. The second chamber with pure high-performance activated carbon serves to filter any pollutants. The last chamber contains a combination of magnesium, calcium, tourmaline, EM ceramics (EM = Effective Microorganisms according to Prof. Higa), quartz sand and magnets - this PiVitals technology makes your water tasty and digestible.

All plastics are TÜV SÜD tested and food safe.

Our tip:
Combine the Lotus FAMILY filter jug with the Cadus FAMILY decanter.

The Lotus FAMILY home water filter jug efficiently removes pollutants and other contaminants from your tap water:

Chlorine 99.9%, metals e.g. lead 99.9%, copper 93 to 99.9%, uranium 99.9%, pesticides e.g. lindane 99.9%, atrazine 99.9%, bentazone 99.9%, trihalogens 99.23%.


Further information and technical data:

height: 26,5 cm
width: 27 cm
depth: 13,3 cm

1.1 kg with packaging and filter

(with filter installed)
Filling container: 1.25 litres
Filter water approx. 1.75 litres

Daily filter quantity:
1-8 litres per day

Filter time:
2-4 min per litre

Filter change/Filter cartridge:
every 2 months / 500 litres max. (with 8 litres daily)
up to max. 3 months / 500 litres (with 4 litres daily)

Lime filter pad:
2 weeks to 3 months depending on water and usage

Average cost filter:
8-14 Euro per month

Scope of delivery:
Lotus Vita Family filter jug with filter cartridge and lime filter pad

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