ESPRIT Filter Jug - Nature Plus Series

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Brief description : 

Lotus ESPRIT High-quality Water Purifier
with several filtering layers, designed for 1-8 litres/days

Available in the following colours:
orchid, pistachio, sky blue, dark blue, white, anthracite, orange

Storage capacity:
Total: around 2.4 litres
Filling container: 1 litres
Filtered water: around 1.3 litres

Filtering time:

Filter cartridge every 2 month (8 liter daily 500l max)
3 month (4 liter daily 500l max)

Limefilterpad every 2 weeks up to 3 Month
(depending on use and water quality)

Mikrosponge every 6 month

Optional filters:
Lime filter pad
Micro sponge with a pore size of 1 µm

Average cost of the filter: 
8-12 Euros/ month

Height: 28 cm
Width: 26 cm
Depth: 10 cm

Lotus ONE: 1027g
including filter cartridge and lime filter pad



Our new model Lotus ESPRIT in dynamic form, youthful and lively, with a practical handle in 4  fresh colours: orchid, pistachio, turquoise, violet blue or white.

Available in the following colours:
Orchid, pistachio, turquoise, violet blue, white

Best Taste – Best Filtering – Best Price

The Lotus ESPRIT water filter jug with Advanced Micro Filtering System for households of 1-3 persons combines Western technology and Eastern knowledge.

The outstanding filters offer you protection from pollution in tap water.
The PiVitalis technology developed by Lotus Vita gives your water a delicious taste and makes it easily digestible.

With PiVitalis you receive clear, pure, and extremely delicious water fresh from the spring.

The Lotus ONE filtering cartridge is based on the great Lotus Fontana Advanced und contains almost all components of its big sister:
3 separate layers offer filtering and “transformation” of tap water:

Step 1
Pre-filter lime pad:

Removes lime, heavy metals, suspended particles, enhaunces water taste and optimises performance of total filter results.
Pre-filter with 1µm:

Removes all suspended particles, protects the following filtering cartridge and optimises performance.

Step 2-4
The Lotus Natura Plus Filter Cartridge:

First Layer:
- Ion exchanger removes lime and heavy metals
- Activated carbon removes harmful substances

Second Layer:
High-quality activated carbon with an iodine retention of 1100!
Guaranteed best filtering performance of almost all known types of pollution in tap water.

Third Layer:
- PiVitalis for top taste!
Highly developed ingredients of magnesium, calcium, tourmaline and other special ceramics with a high mineral content
Quartz sand, magnet and EM ceramic (EM=effective micro organism, according to Professor Hiagara’s research)

Best filtering values thanks to high-performance activated carbon and ion exchanger:

Metals e.g.
Copper93 bis 99,9%
Silver, Uranium99,9%
Pesticides e.g. Lindan99,9 %
Atrazin99,9 %
Bentazon99,9 %

Case is made of food-safe plastic!

Spare your back, save money, and protect the environment.

It’s such good value for money because Lotus Vita wants everyone to be able to drink this precious water, without money being an obstacle.

With operating costs of around 12 Euros per month you get to receive and enjoy many litres of water every day, and no longer need to buy any bottled water.

With the Lotus ESPRIT water filter jug you significantly relieve the pressure on the environment:

According to a study about ecological balance, undertaken by the Institute ESU Services, buying a one-litre bottle of drinking water burdens the environment from 90 up to 1000 times more than a litre of tap water!

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