Carafe CADUS + Lotus Esprit filter carafe

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Karaffe CADUS 1L mit Edelsteinen

Brief description : 

LOTUS ESPRIT + CARAFE CADUS = BEST TASTE (other filter carafes available on request)Gemstones included: Rock Crystal Rose Quartz Amethyst Best Taste - Best Price


As connoisseurs know, our water filters significantly enhance the taste and digestibility of tap water.

Together with the CADUS carafe, you get a particularly tasty water.

The Cadus carafe contains a gemstone compartment, the gemstones are included in the offer and can be easily exchanged for other gemstones through the wooden lid compartment at the bottom, if desired.

We are so surprised by the taste-enhancing properties that we would like to offer you this set at a special price.

Also as a gift very suitable!

If you wish another filter decanter e.g. the Lotus or Family, then you note this simply with the conclusion of the order in the field "remarks".



1x filter carafe (according to your wishes: Lotus filter carafe, Family filter carafe, Esprit filter carafe or ONE filter carafe)

1x filter cartridge

1x Lime filter pad

1x CADUS carafe with precious stones (rose quartz, rock crystal, amethyst)


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