Jug water filters

The Lotus Vita Water Filter Jugs are perfect for small housholds, young families and ideal as mobile water filters. 
The filter technology of the handheld devices is just as high quality as that of the large devices of the Lotus Fontana series.
With the Lotus Vita Water Filter Jugs you refine your drinking water and enjoy the best taste with, tea, coffee or your food.
With the optional lime filter, not only do your drinks taste better, but your coffee machine and appliances are also protected by the low lime content.



glass filter jug with bamboo lid-NATURA PLUS®

Bestes Trinkwasser dank der Lotus Vita PiVitalis® Filtertechnologie

Lifestyle, Charme und Wohlgefühl strahlt die Glas-Filterkanne NATURA PLUS® durch die Naturmaterialien Bambus und Edelstahl aus. Mit liebevollem Design, schneller Filterzeit und einem feinen Ergebnis überzeugt dieser Wasserfilter auf ganzer Linie!

Sammelbild der NATURA PLUS Filterkartusche mit Kalkpad seitlich zum passenden Edelsteinfach
NATURA PLUS Kork-Untersetzer mit Blume des Lebens Gravur von LOTUS VITA obersicht
€129,00inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

One year package Natura Plus EDITION CALC+

6 filter cartridges Natura Plus + 12 anti-scale pads

Order the Lotus Vita replacement filter pack and produce pure drinking water yourself for a year! If the carafe filter is used daily, the filter cartridge should be replaced every two to three months.

The combination with the efficient lime filters is particularly interesting for households with very hard tap water.

€169,00inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Lotus Natura Plus 4 liters

Glass Bamboo Stainless Steel - Beautiful for your Eye - Good for the Environment

Lotus Natura Plus® 4 liters

Glass, bamboo, stainless steel: The Natura Plus® water filter radiates lifestyle, health and well-being through natural materials.

As beautiful as the outer features are, the inner ones are even better:
3 layer activated coconut carbon and 2 layer of resin helps to reduce lime and filter toxic pollutan of any kind

The multi layer filters with powerful components helps to purify and smoothened your tap water efficently.

€298,00inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Carafe CADUS + Lotus Esprit filter carafe

€123,50inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

As connoisseurs know, our water filters significantly enhance the taste and digestibility of tap water.

Together with the CADUS carafe, you get a particularly tasty water.

The Cadus carafe contains a gemstone compartment, the gemstones are included in the offer and can be easily exchanged for other gemstones through the wooden lid compartment at the bottom, if desired.

We are so surprised by the taste-enhancing properties that we would like to offer you this set at a special price.

Also as a gift very suitable!

Price: €103,78
Karaffe CADUS 1L mit Edelsteinen

Water energy set for glass carafes

Rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst for glass carafes

Water stones for glass carafes

Guaranteed to be processed by a German company without chemical additives!
These stones unfold their beauty and their energetic effects only when they are placed in water.

Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz and Amethyst
Simply place it on the bottom of your glass carafe and fill it with filtered water.
This looks great and we have noticed a further improvement in taste.

Clean as needed with clear water and a clean brush.

€5,95inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Crystal stones for filter jug

Innovation from Lotus Vita

Crystal stones in compartment to connect to the Natura Plus filter cartridge

With a "click" nobler!

Gemstones Rose Quartz, Rock Crystal, Amethyst in compartment for all Lotus Vita filter jugs.

The gemstone compartment is attached to the filter cartridge with a click and can be used again and again with a new filter.
They unfold their energetic effect and beauty in the water. The special "something" for your filter carafe.
The crystal stones are selected with the greatest care and are guaranteed to be processed without chemical additives.

€19,80inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

FAMILY Filter Jug

High-performance filters

The Lotus FAMILY filter Jug is the ideal water filter for the 1-3 person household.

The large capacity ensures flexibility in everyday life and provides the whole family with tasty, pure drinking water.

You can filter up to 8 litres of tap water per day with the dynamically designed jug.
Water filters of this type offer you protection from contamination in drinking water - prepare your coffee or tea with filtered water, for example, and benefit not only from clean water, but also enjoy the pure and soft taste!

€79,80inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

LOTUS Filter Jug

high-performance filters
best choice

Lotus Filter Jug: A high-performance drinking water filter

With the large filling tank of 1.2 litres you fill water less often.

The 1.6 litre storage tank also offers you convenience and availability for all your household tasks: up to 8 people can be supplied with 0.2 litres of water at the same table!

Young, dynamic shape, lively, in 4 modern colours.

Best Taste - Best Filtering - Best Price

This filter carafe fits in the fridge door.

€79,80inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.

Natura Plus® 6 months supply incl. limescale filterpad

3 filter cartridges + 4 limescale filter pads

6 months supply for the Lotus filter jug
Guaranteed cheap. You save additional transport costs and relieve the environment!

3 x filtercartridge Lotus Natura Plus®
4 x Limefilterpads Lotus Natura Plus®

The Lotus Natura Plus filter cartridge is based on the large Lotus Fontana Advanced and contains almost all components of the big sister: 3 separate layers perform the filtration and "conversion" of the drinking water.

First Chamber:

- Ion exchanger removes lime and heavy metal
- Activated carbon removes harmful substances

2nd chamber:

€84,90inkl. 19% ges. MwSt.


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