Jug water filters

The Lotus Vita Water Filter Jugs are perfect for small housholds, young families and ideal as mobile water filters. 
The filter technology of the handheld devices is just as high quality as that of the large devices of the Lotus Fontana series.
With the Lotus Vita Water Filter Jugs you refine your drinking water and enjoy the best taste with, tea, coffee or your food.
With the optional lime filter, not only do your drinks taste better, but your coffee machine and appliances are also protected by the low lime content.

Drinking water filter original from Lotus Vita

With Lotus water filters you have made the right decision.

The Lotus water filters offer more than just the filtration of lime - they turn ordinary tap water into valuable, living water that resembles the water of a mountain spring in quality. This also makes your water so digestible and tasty that drinking water becomes a pleasure.

Become a watergourmet and do something good for your body with lotus water - water in its pure form is the source of life.