Filter bottle Tritan with UF membrane OUTDOOR - in blue-green

activated carbon + UF membrane safety on the road
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Brief description : 

Safety on the road - Outdoor filter bottle 750ml made of tritan - color blue-green,
with UF membrane 0.2µm + activated carbon membrane

High End Filter - made in Japan -

  • Activated carbon membrane against pollutants,

  • UF membrane 0.2µm against all suspended solids, microplastics and bacteria


Filter bottle 750ml from tritan - color blue-green
with UF membrane 0.2µm + activated carbon membrane

This shapely filter bottle was designed for on the road.
Both the activated carbon membrane and the UF membrane are high-end products made in Japan.

The activated carbon membrane is designed for about 80 liters of water,
the UF membrane filters very small particles and can even retain bacteria like a ceramic filter.

The service life of the UF membrane depends strongly on the filtered water, which can only be cleaned to a limited extent.

Take good care of this filter. If you use quite clear water, several hundred liters of water can be filtered without any problems.

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