Glass Mythos

with Flower of Life in Gold or Platinum
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Brief description : 

Shapely, robust, functional

Content 0,2 liters

Flower of Life on the bottom 
in 24k gold 
or real platinum

Glass without coating of precious metals, dishwasher-safe
Hand wash for Flower of Life in precious metals


Treat yourself to something special:
Drinking from the clear glass Mythos transforms a simple activity into a real experience!

The divine drinking glass Myth is a good size and is ideal for everyday use.

Content ca. 0,2 liters.

The layer of precious metal is made of genuine 24k gold or platinum.

Each glass is handmade, handblown one of a kind, made of lead-free glass!
Since the production according to old glassmaker’s tradition is entirely done by hand, slight inaccuracies, small bubbles or inclusions are a sign of manual work and not a reason for complaint.

The glass not only looks good, but is also very pleasant to touch.

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