Carafe golden Alladin Set

1.3 l in a Set with 4 glasses
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Brief description : 

Carafe Alladin +
4 Drinking Glasses Myth

Each piece with Flower of Life in 24K gold
Optionally also available in platinum


Carafe golden Alladin  + 4 Glasses Mythos 
with Flower of Life in 24K gold

highly recommended - also makes a great present


Treat yourself to something special with this particularly beautiful and classy combination.

Drinking from the clear glass Myth transforms a simple activity into a real experience!

Drinking Glass Mythos
The divine drinking glass Myth is a good size and is ideal for everyday use.

Content ca. 0,2 liters.

Since the production according to old glassmaker’s tradition is entirely done by hand, slight inaccuracies, small bubbles or inclusions are a sign of manual work and not a reason for complaint. 

The glass not only looks good, but is also very pleasant to touch.

Carafe golden Alladin
Each carafe is a unique piece pipe-blown by hand and made of lead-free and especially resistant Borosilicate glass.

The symmetry of the waves carries the code of the golden section, which has also been linked to the famous Fibonacci numeric row and the mathematical constant of Pi. The use of the golden section makes visible the harmony, here in form of waves.

The Aladdin Carafe can be ordered without any symbols, or with the “Flower of Life” in 23.8 carat gold or in the pure platinum edition.

According to our experiences, the carafe looks beautiful, feels excellent when held, and can further improve the taste of the already delicious Lotus Water!

Your water can undergo a noticeable transformation in taste after only a few minutes in the Aladdin Carafe, especially tap water.

Even with already very good water, e.g. tap water filtered with the Lotus Water Filter, a change is still clearly noticeable, and the excellent filtered water receives its final touch.
The result is guaranteed to convince you!

Of course the carafes also cause the creation of harmonic water crystals (based on Emoto’s theory)!

Our TIP:
A Lotus One Water Filter and an Alladin Carafe with a symbol in the platinum or gold edition for better drinking water!

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