Carafe CADUS 1L with gemstones

this carafe enhances the taste of water!
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Brief description : 

Water jug Cadus
mouth-blown with harmonic waveform

Volume approx. 1 litre

Diameter 11 cm
Height 24 cm (with lid)

Lower compartment for gemstones with wooden lid,
Rose quartz, amethyst, rock crystal included.

Dimensions of the gemstone compartment:  
Diameter 4 cm
height 3,5 cm

Weight (incl. packaging):
740 gram


"Water Jug Cadus"

The mouth-blown water jug Cadus has a capacity of 1 litre and is finely tuned to the rules of the Golden Section. A discreetly attached spout helps to pour drip-free into glasses. The ingenious design strengthens the biological value and the good taste of all liquids contained in it.

Dimensions of the gemstone compartment: diameter 4 cm, height 3.5 cm (with lid)

Closure for the gemstone compartment made of wood.

The stones for the gemstone compartment are included.

Manufacturer: Nature's Design

Product No.: 8900N

SKU: 5001235