Carafe Alladin 1,3 L

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Brief description : 

Carafe Alladin
Pipe-blown, hand crafted according to traditional art of glassmaking with especially resistant lab glas (borosilicate glass)

-Top Look
-Top Haptic
- Improves the taste of drinks

Filling Quantity:
ca. 1,3 l

Lead-free Glas

Height   20 cm
Width 16 cm (Measurement without plug)

Lab glass of solid 24K Gold or Platin in different styles


Alladin Carafe 

Each carafe is a unique pipe-blown, hand crafted piece according to traditional art of glassmaking with especially resistant lab glas (borosilicate glass).

The symmetry of the waves carries the code of the golden section, which has also been linked to the famous Fibonacci numeric row and the mathematical constant of Pi. The use of the golden section makes visible the harmony, here in form of waves.

The Aladdin Carafe can be ordered without any symbols, or with the “Flower of Life” in 23.8 carat gold or as true platinum edition.

According to our experiences, the decanter looks beautiful, feels excellent when held, and can further improve the taste of the already delicious Lotus Water!

Your water can undergo a noticeable transformation in taste after only a few minutes in the Aladdin Decanter, especially tap water.

Even with already very good water, e.g. tap water filtered with the Lotus Water Filter, a change is still clearly noticeable, and the excellent filtered water receives its final touch.
The result is guaranteed to convince you!

Of course the Alladin Carafe also cause the creation of harmonic water crystals (based on Emoto’s theory)!

Our TIP: 
A Lotus One Water Filter and an Aladdin 
Carafe with a symbol in the platinum or gold edition for better drinking water!

Residues in the decanter are best cleaned with warm water and citric acid. A few hours of application time are more effective in removing potential limestone residues. If you have a small round brush (can be bought in most supermarkets)  you can put some raw grains or rice in the decanter and swivel it around in order to further clean it with the help of raw rice.

Esoteric Information:
The universal built with the six-waved structure is in tune with the natural course of life. Vital water crystallisation also shows a six-fold structure and thus a high level of vitality.Generally speaking, mechanisms in nature are connected with geometrical, harmonic and musical structures. This connection creates resonance, which is in tune with the great cosmic mechanisms.

In this way, information is passed on within a particular structure. When the structural information is helpful, it can have a soothing effect on living organisms. Water is an ideal carrier of information here.
The resonance of the Alladin Carafe is true to the sound frequency of the tone F. This frequency is said to be similar to the energetic motion sequences of trees. The tree, a symbol of the connection between heaven and earth, thus supports a connection between various particulate energies such as chakras and the meridian system of humans.

The gold coating has a calming and alleviating influence on the drinking water. Weakened people (such as those with chronic allergies) are thus advised to choose the gold edition. The platinum coating has more of a stimulating effect and makes the water seem fresher and livelier. The vibrations of platinum are very high and have more “energy” which also needs to be processed.

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