Lime Filter Pads 12

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Scalefilterpads 9pc

Brief description : 

Lime filter pads for Lotus ONE / ESPRIT Cartridge
Effectively reduces lime in tap water.

Includes a lid for installing on the filtering cartridge with Lotus flower symbol.

Usage time:
1 pad (by average lime level) around 2 weeks up to 2 month
(depending on water quality and usage)

12 pads with activated carbon and ion exchange resin


LIME Pads for the Lotus ONE / ESPRIT Water System.

The removal of lime is further improved and the pad can be exchanged at your own needs.
The box contains 12 pads and a Lotus ONE / ESPRIT lid for the filtering cartridge.
When using the pads for 1 month, the amount is sufficient for a year!

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