Water Stones for Lotus Fontana / Fontana Advanced

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Brief description : 

Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz and Amethyst

tumbled 100% free of chemicals
of particular high value
enhances the drinking water as regards taste

Inhalt ca. 750 gr.


Water Stones for Lotus Fontana / Fontana Advanced

These semi-precious stones are placed into the glass vessel of your Lotus Fontana / Fontana Advanced.
They are processed by a German company, assuredly without the use of chemical additives!
These stones unfold their beauty and energetic effects only once they’ve been placed in water.

Each pack contains approximately 750g:
This way rock crystal, rose quartz and amethyst cover the bottom of the glass vessel. This looks great and we have noticed a further improvement in taste.

Attention! Please don’t use tumbled water stones with a smooth surface!

These are usually refined with chemical processes. While this looks good, it has negative consequences for the drinking water. Chemical agents can enter the water this way!

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