Glass Vessel 8 liters for Lotus Fontana / Fontana Advanced - NEW

Handmade in Europe!
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Brief description : 

Glass Vessel 8 liters

Color: blue to dark blue

Engraving: including Lotus Engraving
Available with engraving of your choice

3-4 Kg

8 liters usable, 9 liters max.
(1 liter volume needed for the filters)

2 years


Real mouth-blown glass made in Europe..

With this guaranteed lead-free glass for the Lotus Fontana / Fontana Advanced you get the best taste out of your drinking water.

98% of our customers opt for a device with this glass tank.

You get the best quality and your drinking water is always stored optimally.

The glass vessel is compatible with Acala Quell, Nikken PiMag™ Aqua Pour water systems and other manufacturers of similar casings.

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