Lotus Fontana ADVANCED Filter Cartridge

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Brief description : 

Fontana Filter Cartridge Model 2015

Multi-layer Water Filter for Lotus Fontana / Fontana Advanced with the best ingredients

Weight ca. 700gr

Usage time (recommended):
ca. 3 months, 6 months max


The Lotus Fontana Advanced filter cartridge has been developed for you based on years of experience.

Activated carbon of the highest quality with iodine value 1200 (a measure of the retention of pollutants) offers maximum security and sets new standards for water filters with natural gravitation.

The PiVitalis technology for water treatment that was developed by Lotus Vita uses highly developed materials, such as ceramic tourmaline, magnesium, calcium and other ceramics. Magnet technology and EM ceramics round off the cartridge.
This makes your water clear, soft and very tasty.

You will notice how good this water tastes and how it invites you to drink.

A real water for

Note – with this cartridge you get the best results without mineral stones!

Tip: In combination with the new anti-scale filter you get the ultimate in taste and filtration performance!

This cartridge is released for a usage of 3 months.

The cartridges are compatible with Lotus Fontana, Acala Quell,NIKKEN PiMAG™ Aqua Pour and other manufacturers.

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