Annual Supply Replacement Filters for Lotus ONE / ESPRIT

6 filtering cartridges + 2 Pre-filter Micro Sponge 1µm
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Brief description : 

Annual Supply Replacement Filters for Lotus ONE / ESPRIT :

6 x filtering cartridges transparent with 3 levels for Lotus ONE / ESPRIT
2 x Pre-filter Micro Sponge 1µm

Pre-filter Micro Sponge with 1µm pore size filters out any fine particles for clear water

Filter Cartridge with 3 Levels:
Level 1 Lime and pollutant reduction with ion exchangers & activated carbon
Level 2 Pollutant reduction with high output activated carbon
Level 3 Gustatory gentrification with Bio-ceramics, EM Ceramic and magnet

Utilization time: 
Filter cartridge maximum 3 months 
With daily 8 Liter filtration maximum 2 months

Pre-filter Micro Sponge 1µm approx. 6 months

Appropriate for Lotus One, Lotus Esprit, Acala One, Acala Swing


A year's supply for Lotus ONE / ESPRIT :

Guaranteed savings! You further save on transportation costs and unburden the environment!


6 x filtering cartridges transparent for Lotus One 
2 x pre-filter micro sponge 1µm


The micro sponge is 100% compatible with water filters by NIKKEN (small & large device), Acala and Maunawai.

Lotus ONE Cartridge (6x included)

- 50% increased limestone function

- Highly polished cartridge case for more transparency

- Ion exchanger and activated carbon in the first layer

The Lotus ONE filtering cartridges are based on the great Lotus Fontana Advanced und include almost all components of its big sister: 3 separate layers offer filtering and “transformation” of tap water:

 First Layer:

- Ion exchanger removes limestone, nitrate and heavy metals
- Activated carbon removes harmful substances 

Second Layer: 

High-quality activated carbon with an iodine retention of 1200!
Guaranteed best filtering performance of almost all known types of pollution in tap water.

Third Layer:  

- PiVitalis for top taste!
Highly developed ingredients of magnesium, calcium, tourmaline and other special ceramics with a high mineral content

Quartz sand, magnet and EM ceramic (EM=effective micro organism, according to Professor Hiagara’s research)

The Lotus ONE pre-filter

is a special micro sponge with a pore size of only 1 µm (one-millionth of a metre), smaller than any bacteria in water. 
Only pure water can pass the tiny pores and so the Lotus ONE filtering cartridge remains clean and retains its full performance throughout its use.

Can be cleaned out and re-used after a utilisation period of around 6 months.

We always recommend using a Lotus ONE pre-filter.

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