Pre-Filter Micro Sponge for Lotus Vita filter jugs and Natura Plus water filter

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Mikroschwamm Vorfilter für NATURA PLUS Filterkartusche
Mikroschwamm Vorfilter für NATURA PLUS Filterkartusche

Brief description : 

Pre-filter for Lotus ONE/ ESPRIT 
Only lets substances dissolved in water pass.
Suspended particles are 100% retained.

Pore Size:
1µm (one-millionth of a metre)

Usage time:
6 months maximum


The Lotus ONE pre-filter is a special micro sponge with a pore size of only 1 µm (one-millionth of a metre), smaller than any bacteria in water.

Only pure water can pass the tiny pores and so the Lotus ONE filtering cartridge remains clean and retains its full performance throughout its use.

Can be cleaned out, re-used and stored in a dry place after an estimated utilisation period of up to 6 months.

We recommend using the pre-filter, or optionally the limestone filtering pads, for the general use of the Lotus ONE / ESPRIT.

The pre-filter also fits with Acala ONE, Acala Swing, Nikken PiMaxi Aqua Maxi and the 2 litre NIKKEN PiMag Water Systems.

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