Which filter other than Brita do you recommend for water with a high lime content?

Brita focuses exclusively on effective lime removal and the cartridges are relatively inexpensive.

Lotus Vita, on the other hand, concentrates on the best possible drinking water quality in terms of pollutant filtration, digestibility and taste. Lime filtration is not our first priority.

With the new KALK+ filters, however, you achieve very good filter results at low cost.
The KALK+ filters are available for the Lotus Fontana series as well as for our filter decanters series.

If minerals still crystallize out despite the KALK+ filter, we advise you to use the Premium cartridge.
The filters of the Lotus Advanced series use high-energy materials. With these energetic filters in combination with a high mineral content in drinking water, the minerals tend to crystallize or "precipitate" in the device or in a drinking water vessel. This is noticeable in a layer on the water or by "flocculation" in the vessel used, but the water tastes flawless as a rule.

The Premium cartridges for the Fontana series contain fewer minerals than the Advanced cartridges and therefore we recommend the use of the Premium filter cartridge and the additional lime filter pads for very limy water.
The lime filter pads can be replaced separately as required. In this way you increase the efficiency of the filters and determine the interval according to your water needs.

The monthly operating costs are 8-12 Euro for the filter carafes and 12-18 Euro for the Fontana series.
The filter decanter series is designed for 2-8 litres and the Lotus Fontana series for a daily use of 6-20 litres.


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