What does Pi or PiVitalis mean?

In relation to water, pi means something like "back to the source".

Pi technology was discovered in Japan at the beginning of the 1960s while observing nature:
Plants in a certain part of a stream thrived particularly well and vigorously, i.e. better than in other comparable places.
A study showed that chemically no special features of the water were present.
Further investigations were carried out in a laboratory directly by the stream.
The scientists discovered properties that were lost when the water was transported and attributed these special properties to silicate in the stream bed and magnetite in the surroundings.

On the basis of these discoveries, further research was carried out and the Pi technology developed, which was also patented in the 1960s.
The principles were then used to influence water so that it had a significant impact on all living things. Unfortunately, the Pi technique is hardly used anywhere in the world.

In 2004 we developed the first filter with Pi technology for the Fontana housing and in 2009 the Advanced technology, which is used in the Fontana Advanced and also in the Lotus One.
Our own development based on Pi technology is called PiVitalis and refers only to the drinking water filters developed by Lotus Vita itself.

For legal reasons we are not allowed to say anything about the effect. For the user, however, only a practical result is decisive.
The effect of Pi Water on plants is scientifically well documented in the book Miracel of Pi Water, unfortunately currently only available in English.

I myself, with my many years of experience, am completely enthusiastic and have found out that you can judge the (energetic) quality of drinking water best by its swallowing behaviour:

If the water drinks easily, it is very digestible. If it drinks with light or strong resistance, as shown by the fact that you have to swallow the water actively, it is correspondingly less digestible.

Also with kinesiological test this effect can be understood very beautifully.

I hope the water is as good for you as it is for our family.


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