What do I do if I don't like it after purchase and under what conditions can I return it?

If you do not like the device after purchase, please contact us first of all by telephone before you send it back, so that we can clarify the further procedure of the return.

Please return the device in its original packaging with the original shipping carton.

If you have not used the device and all parts arrive undamaged at our premises, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price including the return shipment (Germany only).

If you have used the water system and send it back within 30 days, we will only charge you for the used filters. Provided that you return the device in perfect condition and the other filters in the original packaging to us. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

Please do not return the used filters (ceramic filter, filter cartridge and lime filter pad) under any circumstances. These would have to be disposed of by us anyway after the return for hygienic reasons.

It is better and easier if you have a look at a built up device and can try the filter water.
Considerable effort is avoided and you already know whether you like the water from the Lotus Fontana (or another one).

Tell us your zip code, town, street (+Tel. No. to call back) and we will try to find a location near you.


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