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Further information on partnership

A German company

Lotus Vita is a German company, born in 2004 from the idea to offer excellent products with added value.
Excellent products offer the opportunity to build sales.

Need to succeed?

Lotus Vita offers a platform for success, so that you have time for the essentials:
Your personal lifestyle, because time is life!

All features of a seasoned company are already available:

  • Large warehouse, immediate delivery
  • Customer-friendly payment
  • Commercial processing by Lotus Vita
  • Dispatch handling by Lotus Vita
  • Lotus BackOffice with sales control of all its members
  • Automatic calculation of partner compensation
  • Personalized Website for Lotus Partners
  • Personalized web shop for your customers

And the best for you because:
We provide you and your customers almost everything for free!

Lotus Office
The Lotus Office offers in addition to the control functions extensive marketing tools such as:

  • Customer Service
  • presentations
  • personal links with private referral code
  • banner Tools
  • and much more

Partnering for Success!

Lotus Vita is here for you!

We work together with you on the strategy and execution in sales because:
Your success is our success!

Partnering for Success:
Talk to us!