Water Treatment

Lotus FONTANA®: Purity fresh from the source

Your drinking water undergoes several stages until it is available to you as soft mild water. As no pressure whatsoever is put on your water, it has time to develop itself, just like a good wine.

The PiVitalis® water technology, developed by LOTUS VITA, filters and vitalises your tap water in one step.

This water is so easily digestible that you develop a natural thirst which positively influences your drinking habits, which again is good for your health!


The ceramic pre-filter lets no dust, rust or particulate matter pass. The ceramic with pores the size of only 0.2 to 0.4 μm (µm= a millionth of a metre) is so fine that no bacteria can pass it, thus guaranteeing an effective protection from germs of all sorts.



Your drinking water undergoes several stages in the Lotus-Vita water filters

The main filtering of the tap water occurs through the Premium Filtering Cartridge.

After the purification through special activated carbon, limescale, nitrate and other unwanted substances are removed or reduced thanks to an ion exchange involving non-dangerous natrium. The water then runs through the PiVitalis technology in several further stages:

It flows through a bio ceramic. Here, traces of calcium and magnesium are passed on to the water. These ions resonate with the natural vibrations of the cells in our body, and are thus responsible for creating bio-energetic waves.

A layer of zeolith removes molecules and tiny substances with a strong positive charge. It thus acts as an ultra fine sieve for molecules, as well as a catalyst.

The water then flows through quartz sand, which re-structures it with its naturally positive charge. Thanks to the changing influence of various layers of charge on the water, new water clusters emerge.

An additional magnetic technology in the cartridge supports this process. Similarly to computers, the influences of the magnetic field on the binding sites of the water, the hydrogen bridges, are burnt in. At the same time old information stored in the water is deleted.

The well-known EM technology is available in addition in the premium cartridge.

Limescale Filters for Lotus FONTANA®: powerful and refillable!

The limescale filter was developed in response to numerous customer requests. We also took care to ensure low follow-up costs for you, as well as a limited environmental impact.

The limescale filter is refillable, and the refillments only cost one-third of the price of the complete filter. This limescale filter effectively reduces limescale, nitrate, nitrite and heavy metals.

The mineral stones consist of a material similar to zeolith, which is able to absorb harmful substances. They contain minerals in a special constellation which is important to humans. These minerals leave residues and influence the drinking water in a slightly alkaline way.

Final, the LOTUS water runs through a high-quality magnetic fieldin the tap, which orders the water molecules. This creates the famous decalcification effect, which is actually a physical restructuring. Limescale “floating” in the water has a lower tendency of becoming attached to the walls of the container.

After filtering with the Lotus Fontana PiVitalis water treatment, water crystals create an ordered, structured kind of water. You can notice this from the soft taste and the very pleasant feeling when drinking.

The result is delicious water, soft and healthy as source water, which we enjoy drinking, and which our body!