Water Should Do Well!

 A daily, and even hourly, supply of water is essential to life. Even a small shortage leads  to typical symptoms of dehydration such asheadaches, lack of concentration and premature skin ageing.
Unfortunately we are often unaware of the central role of water to our health. 

However we must not underestimate the quantity, but also the quality, of water. Whilst some countries do have regulations regarding the quality of potable water, these are often limited.

What has been completely overlooked so far, is how well the body deals with and digests potable water. It was only the Japanese scientist Emoto who showed how different the information contained in potable water can be.

With an Aqua Water Filter you transform inexpensive tap water into healthy and delicious drinking water. The complex filtering system removes harmful substances, and the high-quality water treatment provides you with the source of life in its natural form.

Tap Water before and after filtration by Lotus Vita PiVitalis water technology


Tap Water -> After filtration by a PiVitalis water system

The fotos were created by original method of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto.


Vital Water

With Lotus Fontana water filters you transform simple tap water and receive clean vital potable water, your source of healing for the home!

Thanks to the method discovered by Masaru Emoto it is now possible to make visible information contained in potable water.
The photos of the energetic structure of water were taken according to the method of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto in Ernst F. Braun’s Studio for Art and Mysticism in Burgistein, Switzerland.  www.wasserkristall.ch

We spend a lot of money on simple and marginal wellness products. With Lotus Fontana you treat yourself and your wellbeing with the attention it deserves. Physical vitality comes from the inside!


Hand-made engravings

We offer a special service of hand-made engravings. 
We will lovingly engrave your custom ordered words, or the famous Japanese symbols for LOVE, JOY and GRATITUDE, on your drink water jug.

It looks beautiful and elegant and will bring you lasting joy. 

Tipp: When you order your custom engraving alongside a Lotus Fontana, you will receive your glass jug at no additional shipping costs!