Water & Life

Ever since the day we're born our bodies lose water, until we grow old and die, at which point the percentage of water in our bodies can be as low as 50%. Perhaps there is a connection between old age, illness, death and lack of water?
According to science there is!

A lack of water in the body blocks the metabolism.
All bodily functions which are essential to life depend on water. When we don't have enough water, our metabolism slows down. Brain power is reduced and cells are clogged. A permanent lack of water leads to premature ageing, illness and degeneration.

Is our tap water good quality?
Generally speaking, yes.
The regulations regarding tap water in Germany are stricter than those in the food sector. That is why mineral water often has lower test results than tap water.

So how come that despite this excellent quality, we occasionally hear about polluted tap water?
It's simple: Practically speaking, micro-filtering of the entire volume of tap water throughout Germany cannot be assured as it is technically challenging and thus very expensive. This is the reason why an increasing number of people are realizing that having a potable water filter in their household makes sense. This way we always have assurance of being untroubled by short-term pollutions.

The pipe network for tap water extends over 500,000 km, and water supply companies are increasingly being privatised.
Due to this growing privatisation, consumers are increasingly having to pay the price. Whereas in the past the state often subsidised the higher costs of water treatment, it now falls to consumers to put safeguards in place.
A first step in this transferring of responsibility are new laws regarding tap water regulations. From now on, each household is obliged to undergo a yearly water inspection. But how can the source of potential pollution be proven?
An individual will inevitably struggle to bring about a case against a big water supply company, given the time and cost involved in a legal confrontation.

For security reasons we therefore urge every household to get a potable water filter!

In order to be safe, we thus advise you to filter your water with a high-quality filter, e.g. with a carbon filter, before enjoying it.

Smaller and structured water molecules are easier for the body to absorb.

A fact hitherto unknown is that tap water is put under high pressure which creates larger groups of water molecules that are more difficult for cells to absorb. The water must be "digested" first before the body can absorb it. This uses up more energy, meaning that there is less water available in our metabolism than we ideally need. The habit of drinking less dries out the body and causes symptoms which are perceived as illness.
The expression "water of life" thus refers to its vitalizing influence.
The Japanese scientist Emoto discovered a method to visualize certain information contained in water.
It was thus proven that good and healing types of water also had a well-arranged crystal structure. Water with more negative effects, on the other hand, did not show any signs of crystallization.

With Lotus Vita Water Filters you generate water with beautiful crystal structures!

With good water full of life and nutrients, as well as good sleep, we can peacefully face growing old. Being in good health has many advantages: we are less tired, perform better, are ill less often and, most importantly, have more fun and joy in life!
What would it be like if people changed for the better? Wouldn’t that be a gift to all of us?