The Business

Lotus Vita: A Business For Our Future

Lotus Vita, founded in 2006, is a young, up-and-coming business whose products primarily focus on serving the well-being of people. 

Lotus Vita was born out of enthusiasm for drinking water!

 Just like a lotus flower rises from the pond, this company sets impulses for exemplary interaction.  

Lotus Vita has made it its goal to offer only products which are in harmony with nature and which bring value and worth to humans.

Lotus Vita donates to saving the environment! We care about or environment and therefore Lotus Vita regularly donates to preserve nature or for other charitable causes.

Lotus Vita is independent of any banks and financed entirely privately 


Thanks to precious contributions and continual engagement, each product has been designed in co-operation with scientists and therapists. 
Our models Lotus Fontana, Lotus Fontana Advanced, Lotus ONE und ESPRIT are the beginning of a growing high-quality range of products.

Lotus Vita’s products not only represent health and wellbeing, but also offer you growth and perspectives for the future as a potential Lotus Partner.

 We care about your work and reward it reliably!

We care about your constructive contributions as well as criticisms. 
Engagement and fairness are important principles to us for a shared future.

I’m pleased about your interest!

My Best Wishes

Lotus Vita Board of Management

Michael Wolf