Here authentic reports of experiences with the Lotus Water System are published. We would be pleased if you could tell us your story by e-mail.


I recommend you already diligently further

I ordered it from you on October 19. On Saturday 20.10. the postman arrived in the morning and brought the desired water filter.

I was really extremely enthusiastic.

Both from the exceptionally fast delivery and from the nice give aways in the package. Super!!!

And as far as the filtered water is concerned: it fully met my expectations! Ingenious.

Now I also get my children to drink more water a day because they like the water so much.
So far they had only been able to drink St. Leonhard spring water really well, but for a family of 4-5 people this is not really affordable.
The water filter is really great, the water is enormously soft and tastes great and does very good.

Thank you very much for the super fast delivery. I recommend him already diligently because I am so enthusiastic.

Yours sincerely

Ramona F.


the small gifts

Once again I would like to thank you very much for the surprisingly fast delivery.
Also I was very happy about the small gifts. Finally useful and no advertising leaflets :-) has done me really well.

The system is now in use and will be tested.

A. Pfaffe

Remuneration received!

I am already a customer of yours and have further developed your product.
recommended. In Konstanz there were two, Überlingen one and
Villingen-Schwenningen, which I was able to convince of their filter.
I got a commission without a hitch.

Thank you very much.

R. Bijan

The water tastes really great!

Dear Lotus Team,

the two water filters are well received and already in use.
The water tastes really excellent and the jugs have a very good
beautiful, practical and space-saving design.
My daughter and I are very satisfied with your product.

Best regards

Dagmar P.

I am enthusiastic about the Lotus ESPRIT!

Now that I have been using the Lotus Esprit for 2 months, I would like to send you a short experience report.
Since my daughter-in-law has had the large Fontana Advanced Filter with glass for a long time and I am enthusiastic about the water quality, I thought long and hard about buying a small device.

Conclusion: I am enthusiastic and have never regretted it.

It is ideal for our 2-person household, very easy to handle and takes up little space.
My kettle is, in contrast to before, only minimally calcified. We now drink even more water and my husband fills his water bottles for the sport directly from the filter.
I recommend them with pleasure.
With kind regards
Renate S.

the lime filter was unfortunately defective

Good afternoon, dear Lotus Team,

after having had some time to test the Lotus Esprit, I would like to give you some feedback:

I am enthusiastic about the filtered water quality.
The water tastes much better and you can see this especially with tea. I don't want to miss the Lotus Esprit anymore!
Unfortunately the lime filter at the edges was not well processed. At one point the seam was so narrow that the pad broke at the first "underwater holding" at this point. Therefore I could not test the lime filter so far and cannot judge it also yet.

Many thanks and warm greetings

Note from Lotus Vita: Of course we send free replacement!

The Lotus One device really conjures up new water!

Dear Lotus Team,
I would like to thank you very much for the delivery of the Lotus One drinking water filter unit in October 2015!
The Lotus One device really conjures up new water!

Ever since I bought it, I have been drinking several litres of filtered water every day with great pleasure. Whoever drinks a glass of unfiltered water and then a glass of filtered water will definitely not want to do without the Lotus One anymore.
I can recommend this really valuable device to anyone - not only tasteful - and health-conscious - without restriction. One of my plants, which had not formed a new shoot for a long time, did so immediately after I had watered it three times with filtered water. This result speaks for itself...
Many greetings from Düsseldorf sends you
R. K.

Water tastes fantastic with Kalkpads

Hello, Mr. Wolf,

I'm sure you remember. We had ordered the micro sponge filter from you for Pimag.
They were so friendly and had sent us a lime filter with an attachment for testing.
According to my wife, the result is fantastic.
The lid doesn't fit 100%, but with a little fingertip it will hold.
We will order the pads from you in the future.
Once again many thanks
Yours sincerely
Andreas E.


I feel very fairly treated and would like to say thank you on this way!

Dear Lotus Team,

I have been using the Lotus water filter for 1 1/2 years and am enthusiastic about the result.
By the filter system the water quality of the (in Berlin) very hard water can be clearly improved!
On the other hand, the system is easy to clean due to its simple construction and can be dismantled in a few easy steps if required (which suits me very well if I'm not in town for a few days).
I was very pleased when I noticed with my last order that the new replacement filters reduce the maintenance effort from 4 to 3 filters. And not only that - I also save money.
In short: I feel very fairly treated and would like to say thank you on this way!
In my last order there was also a ceramic filter included, which unfortunately came off the base after 6 weeks and was therefore no longer usable. Since I have had only positive experiences with your product in the past, I assume that this is an exception and that the next ceramic filter will survive the specified service life of 1 year.
I wish you a good start into the week and warm greetings,
Your Norbert H.


Everything you have said about your product, about this water filter, is TRUE!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
I received your shipment on Monday. On the same day I tried the water filter and I have to tell you that I am extremely surprised, extremely positively surprised.
Everything you said about your product, about this water filter, is TRUE!
The filtered water is indeed so incredibly good that I can drink 2.5 - 3 litres of it every day without difficulty - even now, in winter!
Without exaggerating, I have to say that buying this water filter is the best investment I've made in a long time!

Greetings from Hungary Margit H.


Your customer service is exemplary

Dear Lotus Team,

Thank you very much for your effort.
Such customer orientation gives you hope for the future again.

We wish you continued success with your products. I am extremely happy and satisfied with my new Lotus water filter. And I will recommend you understandably.

Yours sincerely

Thomas M.

Thanks for the quick processing

Dear Lotus Team,

Thank you very much for your sympathy. We were very pleased with your prompt response.

I didn't believe it before, but it's true that you don't want to drink any other water. Even our four children are eagerly waiting for the filter to work again.

We were especially happy about your special discount. It's nice that they are accommodating their customers.

We wish you a happy new year and a successful 2013.

Best regards
Family xxx


So fantastic water

Hello, hello!

I really want to get rid of a lot of praise with this:
I have the Lotus One Advanced in operation since yesterday. Never before have I drunk such fantastic water!
I can hardly believe it - even expensive water from the health food store doesn't go with it!
The lotus water is so soft, so mild - even I enjoy drinking it. Simply a pleasure!

You are welcome to publish these lines.
What is really good simply belongs further spread.

Many greetings from Regensburg from
Alexandra J.


Customer Service

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to thank you for the very fast delivery of my Lotus Fontana Advanced and the attached additional filter cartridge. As the wrong glass container was sent, I called you and was immediately promised to send the right water container with the symbol - flower of life - incl. free parcel stamp for the return.
This happened again in record time. I would like to thank you very much for this.
Mistakes can always happen. The way in which we react to them is decisive and this was solved in an exemplary manner by you.

I wish you continued success and satisfied customers.
Your Stephan B.


Total harmonious

Thank you Lotus Team,

Before the healing sound experience with the harp took place, my lotus glass container with the Om sign and the flower of life came to me. It really radiates I am your source!
The listeners marvelled at the spring in my kitchen and also drank the healthy, soft water from glasses with Flower of Life engraved in gold.
That was totally harmonious for everyone and tasted excellent.

Smiling recommendation greetings
W.W. Sound Therapist


Customer service is important

Finally a feedback to the now repeated contact. Their way of working differs pleasantly from the way many companies deal with their customers, which is unfortunately often the case today. I have the impression that - despite all the problems - customer service still means customer service in your company. Continue like this, because a satisfied customer is worth more than expensive advertising.

I wish you and your family a Happy Easter.
Yours sincerely

Freimut J.


The water does me so good!

Many thanks for the quick answer! The filtered water tastes so wonderful! Only the tea gets a completely different intensity! I water
my flowers with it, of course I also use it for cooking and I wash my face with the water. I am glad that I can enjoy the
I came across your link with the search term "structured water".

PS. The water does me so good that I even take 2 liters into the office every day (of course only in glass bottles).

Yours sincerely
Kerstin S.


My skin loves water!

Dear Lotus Team,

I've already told you a lot about the Lotus Vita water filter and the delicious, well-tolerated water I get with it.
Last time I told you that the filter only lasted about 2 months and the water no longer tasted good. You advised me to use the water system more and to filter more water (which I had often done only every other day before). For a few days I had flushed out the filter I had already used and, without changing the filter, the water tastes good again.
The tap water here is 1. very hard (calciferous) and 2. it is (as far as I know, in France generally) contaminated with chlorine, to such an extent that the water smells so strongly of chlorine that one might think one had "disinfected" the house with this product.

My skin doesn't like such water, and especially in winter it starts to itch.
With all the filtered water I started to wash my face with it and it gets so good for my skin that I don't think it is necessary to use a face cream anymore. Amazing not ?

Yours sincerely

Esther W.

My Lotus Fontana

Dear Lotus Team,

I am Mrs Müller from Planegg. We talked on the phone 3 weeks ago. It was over the water device. We have here near, in Gräfelfing, an organic market and he had such a device there. Now the device belongs to me now, I have bought it and am very satisfied with it. The shape fits well in the kitchen and is a pretty sight. The water tastes excellent, soft, fresh; I can drink 2-3 glasses at once. For me personally it is very good for my gastrointestinal function.

I do diligently advertising with it. I can't leave it alone, if I get to know something good, I have to pass it on. I am now a regular customer with you. I will order the parts that I have to change over time by telephone.

There is no need to carry water crates, the herbal tea also tastes better with this water. I couldn't tell the difference with the coffee, but in any case the coffee machine stays clean. Even the kettle is still clean after three weeks, without any deposits! Since Easter is just around the corner:

I wish you sun full and cloudless mood,
with kind Easter greetings
I remain: Anna M.

We drink twice as much

In fact, I am very satisfied with your water filter!
My husband and I drink more than twice as much even though we are not water drinkers.

Thank you very much your Susanne B.

Our best purchase

With this message we would like to thank you for the excellent Lotus water system.
Lotus is our best purchase in a long time. With Lotus we live a bit better.
Since August of this year we have been treating our drinking water with Lotus. We use this water for coffee, tea and all other drinks. And of course for cooking.
Above all, we drink our new Lotus water throughout the day. Sometimes a glass here and sometimes one there. Simply because the Lotus water tastes good to us.
The quality is so excellent that we no longer buy mineral water. Meanwhile we can even say that we feel physically more comfortable with Lotus water.
When we returned home after an absence, it was a pleasure to enjoy the Lotus water again.
Thanks again for Lotus!

Sincerely your Heinz and Christel E.

Our children drink water !

The children only drink water since we have Lotus! Before I always had to force my children to drink. Now I don't even need to buy juice anymore, because the children only use the water dispenser. Simply great!

Gabriele N.

I feel better with the Lotus water

I have received many promises from manufacturers and none from you. Therefore I would like to tell you the following story: I am now 65 years old and have had joint problems for several years. I actually bought the Lotus water dispenser because I liked the water and wanted to save money. After approx. 6 weeks my joint problems have clearly decreased and since then I can walk again without pain! What all the medications have not managed to do, has now simply become so much better by drinking water! Therefore I would like to thank you very much!

Franz M.