My filter turns green - what can I do?

Green is usually a sign of algae formation.

This algae infestation can occur if the device is placed in a bright place near a window or in direct sunlight. This causes algae to form in the tap water as a result of the nitrate present. Please place the device in a darker place or cover it with a cloth if necessary.

Then the problem should no longer occur.

The algae infestation is harmless to health. However, the device should be thoroughly washed out after infestation and disinfected with citric acid. If the water tastes good as usual, you can continue to use the filter cartridge without hesitation. If you notice a difference in taste and the water no longer tastes as good as usual, we recommend replacing the filter cartridge. If the inside of the filter cartridge is infested with algae, you should replace it in any case.

In case of algae infestation on the ceramic filter, please grind it off until all algae residues have been removed and then wash it off with clear water. Afterwards you can continue to use it without any problems.


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