Is it possible to pay in instalments for Lotus Vita products?

Unfortunately no installment payment is possible at Lotus Vita.

Again and again this question is put to us and we would like to offer the large Lotus Fontana devices also with installment payment. However, as a small company we have difficulties

a) to find a bank that cooperates with us,
b) the personnel expenditure is considerable with the relatively small loan sums, and
c) Lotus Vita pays in advance for all products so that they are ready for sale.

Our sales system has no payment reminders and no reminders as all products are prepaid. For these reasons an installment payment is unfortunately not possible.

We would like to recommend our filter decanters as an alternative to our stand-alone units.
This small product contains the technology of the Lotus Fontana Advanced Water System.
Taste and filter performance are outstanding. The only difference is that you take the device in your hand and fill it up at the tap. The water is always used up quickly and the almost glassy and very hard plastic makes a very high-quality impression. In the summer you can put the small device completely in the refrigerator and it has operating costs of only 8-12 euros per month.


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