Do Lotus Vita drinking water filters also filter URAN?

Our particularly high-quality activated carbon and also the ion exchanger in the first stage can absorb uranium.
Unfortunately, the radioactivity itself cannot be rendered harmless.

Another reason for the high absorption is the slow flow rate of only 1 litre in 30 min (max). With built-in units you have flow rates of 4 litres/min, which is 120x faster than with our gravitational filters.
At slow flow rates, the activated carbon and the ion exchanger are used even more efficiently. Lotus Vita water filters therefore have correspondingly higher capacities, especially for substances that are difficult to detect. The filter performances are correspondingly above expectations.
Many manufacturers offer good to very good filter performances for devices from 100 Euros and almost all devices from 500 Euros.

As a rule, however, no uranium should be present in tap water; this may be the case with mineral water.



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