Do Lotus drinking water filters filter nitrate?

What is the filter performance and what is the effect of nitrate?

A current problem is more and more frequently the occurrence of nitrate (by agriculture), which according to TVO may be present up to 50mg/L in drinking water.
It is not poisonous for adults, but can occupy the red blood cells of infants and thus cause a so-called blue sickness.

Nitrate can, under certain conditions, in combination with other substances, transform into undesirable nitrite, which is harmful to health and carcinogenic. Your concern about nitrate should apply above all to vegetables and salad, because there you absorb considerable amounts daily and no one talks about limit values!
If nitrate is eaten in combination with carbohydrates and fats (e.g. pizza with salami), it can transform into dangerous nitrite in the body. We therefore advise you to limit a combination of carbohydrates and fats in your diet.


Nitrate can be captured by ion exchangers, osmosis filters and activated carbon.
Lotus filters absorb nitrate better than simple activated carbon filters. The absorption rate for the ONE/ESPRIT series is up to 30% and for the Lotus Fontana series up to 85%.

Is 100% nitrate filtration also possible?
Only reverse osmosis filters effectively filter nitrate (according to practical experience and frequent measurement results) to approx. 90-95%.
In the sales documents filter values up to 99% are stated, in practice we could not reproduce this high absorption rate even with reverse osmosis filters.
Nitrate is therefore one of the most difficult substances to remove from drinking water.

Unfortunately, osmosis has the disadvantage that it also removes ALL ingredients and acquires an acid character.
The water of the Umkerosmose becomes therefore extremely bindingjoyful that it "tears" materials to itself. This effect is supposed to lead to the elimination of toxins.
We advise against permanent use of the extremely filtered water due to its draining effect.


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