Are germs formed in the water or filter?

Bacteria are an integral part of nature and life,
the fear of germs is natural and water filters should offer us security.

Unfortunately this topic (and also other topics around certain loads) is exploited by sellers to present their own plants or processes in a better light or to completely prevent the purchase of water filters.

The ceramic filter in Fontana water filters does not allow bacteria to pass through, but the water naturally has air contact, the glass was touched by the user, etc.

It is not possible to avoid germs completely, at least not with food that comes into contact with the environment. That is why we will not do without fresh food such as salad.
Since drinking water contains almost no nutrients at all, extreme germ contamination is unlikely.

With the right hygienic handling, germ counts in drinking water are therefore very low.
In order to keep the germ counts permanently low, we recommend that all Lotus Vita devices are exposed to as little light as possible and that a minimum flow of at least two fillings of the receiving tank is guaranteed.

This is the case with Lotus water filters:

Fontana Advanced 2x4 litre= 8 litre flow/ day
Fontana Mini 2x 2,2 Liter= 4,4 Liter Flow/ day
Hand tools 2x0.9 litre= 1.8 litre flow/ day

In our own tests we have determined standard values in normal operation (measured with laboratory methods) of 100-300 colonies for the Fontana water filters with glass reservoir.

These values are within the Swiss Drinking Water Ordinance (TVO). according to German TVO, but not.
In Germany, the filtered water may not be bottled and subsequently sold.

The Lotus filters therefore have no guarantee for germ-free water, but with normal use the germ counts are low.

A further reduction of germ counts by silver has not proven to be effective.
Since small amounts of silver have been released into the filtered water, Lotus Vita has not used silver in production since 2012.

As these topics are very complex, we are happy to answer your questions in detail by telephone.


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