As in nature, water passes through many layers in the Lotus Vita water filters.


The main filtration of the drinking water takes place through the Premium filter cartridge.

Lotus-Fontana-Advanced Filterkartusche

After cleaning with a highly effective activated carbon, lime, nitrate and other undesirable substances are removed or reduced by ion exchange.
Next, the water passes through the PIVitalis technology in several phases:

A layer of zeolite removes molecules and tiny components with a strong positive charge. This makes it an ultra-fine molecular sieve and catalyst.

It continues to flow through a bioceramic. Here, traces of calcium are released into the water.
These ions resonate with the natural cell oscillation of our body and make the water especially tasty.

Tourmaline ceramics strengthen the effect of the previous layers and improve the taste.

The water then flows through quartz sand, which restructures it with its natural positive charge. Through the changing influence of the different charge layers on the water, smaller water clusters are to be created, which is positively reflected in the taste of the water.

An additional magnetic technology in the cartridge supports and reinforces these processes. Similar to a computer, the influences of the magnetic field are "burned in" by the binding sites in the water, the hydrogen bonds.

The well-known EM technology is also included in the premium cartridge.


Lime filter for the Lotus Fontana: powerful and easy to change!


The lime filter pads were developed by Lotus Vita at the request of many customers. We also paid attention to low follow-up costs for you and a low environmental impact!

The lime filter pads reduce lime, nitrate, nitrite and heavy metals.

With the lime filter pad you can determine the interval yourself and change it only as often as necessary.
The lime filter pads increase the filter performance of the filter cartridge and thus help to save resources and relieve the burden on the environment.

The mineral stones consist of a material similar to zeolite. They contain minerals in a special composition, which are important for humans. These minerals are released in traces and have a slightly alkaline effect on drinking water.


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